InnoFES Energy Water Treatment Solutions

InnoFES Energy Water Treatment Solutions

Ensuring Uninterrupted Water Supply

Reliable access to clean water is a requirement throughout the world, and InnoFES Power Generation has decades of expertise providing emergency power systems that keep water flowing under any circumstance. Whether the project is a new wastewater treatment plant or a retrofit to meet backup power regulatory requirements, InnoFES Power Generation helps you achieve the goal of delivering uninterrupted water and wastewater services.

Our track record of reliable power installations, combined with the flexibility to easily accommodate future system expansions, means that you can count on simplified, worry-free operations.

And because water and wastewater treatment projects demand reliability and responsiveness, InnoFES is equipped with the industry’s most comprehensive support program. We pride ourselves on providing global sales and service support with a local focus on every water project. Simply put, it’s a level of service that other providers cannot match.

You can expect:

  • PowerCommand® pre-integrated systems that are designed, built and tested to work together
  • Expert system design, project management and installation
  • Local factory-trained service technicians
  • 24/7 support and service

Customizable for Any Application

Water facilities demand reliable power for the consistent operation of pumps and equipment that keep them running and water flowing. But due to the wide range of applications, no two water and wastewater treatment plants are exactly alike. Variances in pumping conditions, reliability of utility power sources, and electrical system architectures all result in differing power system requirements.

InnoFES designs and produces all elements of the power systems, providing custom-engineered power systems tailored to meet your unique needs.

Robust Motor Starting and Block Load Performance

Water facility operators around the world rely on InnoFES’ systems integration experts to ensure that processes and equipment remain operational at all times. Our world-class transient performance is measured in our ability to handle the voltage dips that occur when power is transferred to the backup systems. InnoFES delivers the fastest response time and shortest power dips in the industry, allowing critical pumping equipment to stay online without compromising performance. InnoFES generators are used in some of the toughest environments in the world, where many operators rely on our equipment to be the primary power source for their facility.

Global Service and Support

Just as the need for water is universal, InnoFES Power Generation maintains a vast network of diesel and gas power experts in every corner of the world. Our best-in-class global sales and support staff is trained to implement your unique requirements while adhering to regional and regulatory nuances — from electrical codes to contractor relationships. Our worldwide footprint ensures you get the exceptional support you need, wherever your water facility is located.

InnoFES Power Generation ensures uninterrupted water supply.

Around the globe, water and wastewater treatment plants produce water that is fit for human consumption, agricultural purposes, industrial uses or for release into local waterways.

Municipalities rely upon their water network to provide efficient distribution of precious water resources while complying with increasingly stringent regulations — and at the lowest cost to local stakeholders. This network relies on several key facilities to deliver on the promise of clean, safe water.

Water treatment facilities treat surface or groundwater to provide a steady stream of potable water. Wastewater treatment plants utilize screening, sedimentation, aeration and disinfection treatment processes to convert wastewater into environmentally safe effluent flows.

Desalination plants are vitally important in regions with limited fresh water resources, creating potable water by removing salt and other impurities from seawater and groundwater.

Pumping stations are the heart of this distribution network, propelling fluids from one place to another throughout the network.

Wherever water facilities are located, plant operators and specifying engineers trust the experienced professionals at InnoFES Power Generation to integrate reliable on-site power systems that ensure uninterrupted water supply.

Providing power for the water industry requires significant experience.

In the water industry, every facility has its own unique power requirements dictated by the amount of water treated, the method of treatment, and volume of water to be distributed.

As a rule, the power required is proportionate to the intensity of the water processing or treatment method. That’s why InnoFES Power Generation has engineered customizable, scalable power systems that can be configured to meet the specifications of each plant. Whether you need 1 MW of plant backup power or 10 MW of primary power for critical pumping stations, InnoFES can tailor a robust power system that meets your specific requirements — delivering dependable power when you need it most.

Desalination Plants

Desalination is an energy-intensive process that requires significant power to effectively treat brackish and salt water. Prolonged power outages can damage sensitive membranes that are used in the reverse osmosis process, potentially leading to expensive repair or replacement costs and extended downtime. Efficient, reliable primary and backup power systems are a critical necessity for desalination operations.

Traditional Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

Both water and wastewater facilities place great demands on pumping equipment for consistent water distribution and treatment processes. When pumps go offline due to power outages, these processes are halted and water distribution ceases. In the case of large municipalities, returning all plant systems to normal operations and resuming the distribution of water can be a daunting task. During prolonged outages under-treatment may occur, and the penalties both in terms of financial and environmental damage can be severe.

Wastewater Treatment Digester Applications

Wastewater treatment plants that use anaerobic digestion produce methane gas, which is a potentially valuable renewable resource. In many cases, methane gas must be captured and destroyed to comply with regulations. But rather than disposing the methane in a flare, it can often be used to fuel on-site engine-generators. Through the application of combined heat and power, InnoFES is able to generate electricity and leverage heat to support the wastewater treatment process. This results in significant savings in energy costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

As every treatment plant has unique design requirements, InnoFES offers the expertise to customize power systems to the specific needs of each facility. InnoFES’ turnkey services start with design support at the initial planning stage and continue with operational and maintenance services throughout the life of the plant. Our experienced project managers and skilled technicians help bring your plans to fruition.

Water Distribution

Water distribution facilities are the heart of the water network, responsible for pumping water through the system. A power outage that disrupts pumping or lifting stations can put a significant strain on the network, potentially leading to flooding or discharge of untreated wastewater. InnoFES’ fail-safe power systems ensure that critical pumps remain operational.

The water industry’s preferred single-source power system provider

InnoFES Power Generation engineers power systems that integrate every critical component of backup and prime power delivery. Only InnoFES designs, manufactures, assembles and rigorously tests each component individually and the integrated system as a whole — it’s why we’re the water industry’s preferred single-source power provider.

High-horsepower Generator Sets

Rugged, fuel-efficient engines, high-performance alternators, on-board digital control systems and turbochargers comprise the most robust and reliable generator sets in the world. Sophisticated emission control technologies make our diesel- and gas-powered generators the most environmentally efficient (and regulatory compliant) generator sets available to the water industry.

Paralleling Systems

PowerCommand® paralleling systems integrate paralleling controls on generator sets, low or medium voltage power sections, automatic transfer switches, and a digital master control (DMC) for supervisory functions. A distributed logic concept is critical for achieving world- class performance, ensuring generator sets effectively manage voltage dips that occur during load transfer.

Digital Controls Technology

PowerCommand microprocessor-based controls comprise the industry’s best single-source solution, capable of integrating generator sets, automatic transfer switches and paralleling systems into a complete system. Modular systems are easily configured to meet water facility requirements, including paralleling, non-paralleling and basic control scenarios.

Remote Monitoring Capabilities

PowerCommand remote monitoring and control capabilities provide visibility to power system performance anywhere — giving operators the opportunity to remain connected to multiple sites remotely. Our advanced functionality enables operators to monitor up to 12 devices in any combination of generator sets, transfer switches and expandable I/O modules. End users can perform a variety of critical operator functions: start and stop generator sets and transfer switches, reset and acknowledge warning type faults, and activate and deactivate output controls. And, configurable notification preferences allow the operator to receive event alerts via email, text and SNMP communications.


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