InnoFES Mining Energy Solutions

InnoFES Mining Energy Solutions

The mining industry is fraught with a number of operational hazards: high altitudes; low ambient temperatures; and locations sometimes exceeding 200 miles from the nearest power grid. By nature of the industry, mining projects can take place anywhere, at any time. And although projects often demand efficient, sometimes 24/7 operations, access to reliable power is not always a constant.

InnoFES Power Generation has supported mining operations throughout the globe - from Mozambique to Cameroon - to maximize uptime even in the most challenging energy and environmental conditions. We’re chosen based on our reputation for reliable power systems, fast delivery and setup, and turnkey service and support capabilities anywhere in the world.

If you need power to run your electric furnaces, mills, driers, compressors, motors and lighting, trust InnoFES Power Generation for customized, reliable mining solutions. Our global reach enables unmatched support for emergency power systems in your mining operation, regardless of its location.

Complete Power Systems

Accountability for Every Aspect of Onsite Power Delivery

Designing, specifying, installing and operating power generation systems is complex, serious business. There is no room for finger pointing; no time for delays; no tolerance for less-than-perfect performance for every sequence of operation. Those responsible for designing and specifying power generation systems are too often left wondering: 

  • Can I be sure the system will work flawlesslyunder every conceivable scenario?
  • Will one controller talk to another when deployed?
  • Will my system easily scale in the future?
  • How long and difficult will commissioning be?
  • Which vendor do I call when the system isn’t working?

Power System Accountability

That Goes Beyond Equipment

InnoFES Power Generation offers a global organization with unmatched application know-how, design engineering and service capabilities that delivers value beyond the equipment we manufacture. We call this complete power system accountability.

A InnoFES power system delivers the assurance of single-source, full life cycle  accountability and fail-safe performance —  crucial factors for customers who must protect key operations from costly or life-threatening power outages.


Our high-horsepower power systems are designed with specific features to meet the life protection, safety, mission-critical, environmental and independent power generation requirements of our customers in many markets, including:

  • Airports
  • Data centres 
  • Government facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Large commercial buildings
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Water and wastewater treatment


Power systems from InnoFES are most commonly used for these applications:

  • Emergency and standby power
  • Prime power
  • Peak power
  • Distributed power
  • Cogeneration
  • Power management

A Complete Power System

A complete power system from InnoFES Power Generation addresses every aspect of onsite power delivery. We manufacture and assemble all of the key components, exercising the industry’s highest degree of design and performance control, to provide a scalable solution based on decades of field-proven reliability.

Digital control technology that pulls it all together.

Our proprietary PowerCommand® microprocessor-based controls are the only controls capable of integrating generator sets, automatic transfer switches, paralleling load transfer equipment and digital paralleling equipment. PowerCommand systems are easily configured to meet market and customer needs. PowerCommand systems facilitate emergency, standby and prime power applications, with and without paralleling.

Generator sets.

InnoFES engines, alternators, control systems, turbochargers and emissions solutions comprise the most trusted and reliable generator sets in our served markets. Key components of our industry-leading generator sets include:

  • Rugged, fuel-efficient InnoFES diesel engines with the industry’s lowest emissions levels
  • High-performance InnoFES alternators with exceptional motor starting
  • Low emissions technologies, including EPA Tier 4 interim-certified systems

Paralleling systems.

PowerCommand paralleling systems provide true digital control of startup, synchronization and no-break power transitions. They are engineered to include sophisticated diagnostics, metering, protection, remote monitoring and networkability. Built using a distributed logic concept, these systems easily integrate paralleling controls mounted on the generator sets, low or medium voltage power sections, automatic transfer switches, and a digital master control (DMC) for supervisory functions.

Accountable for System Performance

We manufacture and assemble all of the key components in our power systems, because we believe that’s the only way to maintain the industry’s highest level of design consistency, manufacturing process control and field reliability.

  • Every required sequence of operation scenario is tested and validated prior to system delivery.
  • System electronics and controls incorporate common communications protocols designed for simple integration and reliable, repeatable performance.
  • Complete power systems from InnoFES reach system stabilization faster than multi-vendor systems.

Transfer switches.

InnoFES automatic transfer switches feature PowerCommand control technology for easy operation and robust, high-contact-force design to withstand thousands of switching cycles. A full line of standard switches is available from 40 to 4,000 amps for the entire range of power systems with common bus communication  language. Custom switches are available for unique project requirements.

Major features and capabilities include:

  • Withstand and closing ratings up to 200 kA
  • Convenient front-panel display to easily review power and load conditions, make adjustments, review events and check network status
  • Service entrance configurations up to 1,000 amps
  • Open, closed or programmed transition transfers
  • Bypass isolation configurations

Accountable Throughout the System Life Cycle

Delivering reliable on-demand power goes beyond equipment supply. It starts with insightful application engineering and systems design consulting, and continues through system delivery, installation and ongoing preventive maintenance. InnoFES Power Generation’s global network of distributors is equipped to provide total life cycle support for power system requirements.

Engineering and Integration

Hundreds of dedicated power system engineers and technical support associates, both in the field and in the factory, can help streamline the specification process by coordinating every aspect of the power system — for present and future requirements.

Installation, Commissioning and Service

Our company-backed distribution and post-sale service capabilities can handle even the most complex project from start to finish:

  • Application assistance
  • Full-scale installation and commissioning
  • Planned maintenance programs
  • Round-the-clock emergency service
  • Fuel supply

Testing and Validation

Global testing capabilities ensure every system performs to required operating sequence scenarios before delivery.

No matter what your requirement or when you need it, we provide a single point of contact for every question, issue or concern. No finger pointing. No guesswork. Only InnoFES Power Generation can provide this peace of mind


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