Owner’s Responsibility

To ensure correct installation, operation and adequate maintenance in terms of the practices laid down in the manufacturer’s operation manual supplied with each engine. 

Period of Warranty

  1. 12 / 24 Months from the date of delivery OR
  2. 1000 Hours / 2000 Hours – Cummins / Unlimited – Deutz OR Whichever comes first. 

Validation of Warranty

 In order for this warranty to be validated the following is required:   

  1. Certificate of electrical compliance issued by electrician registered by the electrical contractors’ board and approved by InnoFES (Pty) Ltd.
  2. All services must take place by technicians authorized by InnoFES (Pty) Ltd at the below schedule: 

Maintenance Schedule: Cummins /Volvo /Perkins /Lovol /Scania /FAW /Deutz



Service Required


Earlier of 250 hours or every 12 months, whichever comes first

Refer to engine manual

Refer to engine manufacturer service detail requirements


  1. The timing of the services must begin from the date of delivery of the generator from InnoFES (Pty) Ltd warehouse.

Non-compliance with either of these points shall render the warranty null and void.

 Scope of Warranty

Within the first 12 / 24 months from the date of delivery OR 1000 / 2000 / unlimited hours (depending on engine manufacturer) OR whichever comes first, InnoFES  (Pty) Ltd will cover the following: 

  1. Substitution of parts only or the repair of these parts only shall be based solely on the irrevocable decision of the technical department of InnoFES (Pty) Ltd and does not include labour, transport costs or courier costs and covers the cost of the substitution or replacement parts only. It is further an express term of the warranty that any repairs carried out by unauthorised personnel and or the use of non-original OEM parts shall further make this warranty null and void. Any part replaced or repaired during the warranty period assumes the remainder of the original warranty. The cost of labour and travel is excluded. 
  1. InnoFES (Pty) Ltd is not liable for any other claims and / or obligation arising from the warranty, including expenses, damages, direct or indirect losses, derived from the use of the products provided by InnoFES (Pty) Ltd. 
  1. The warranty period will expire automatically at the end of twenty four months from the date of delivery OR 1000 hour, whichever comes first, and is considered null and void when any of the following occur: 
  • Modification of, or change to the arrangement of the instrument(s) and equipment supplied by InnoFES (Pty) Ltd including wire connections. Any such changes as described above not expressly approved or authorized by InnoFES (Pty) Ltd renders the Warranty null and void.
  • Use of unsuitable fuel, coolant or lubricants.
  • Mishandling and / or use of the equipment under situations or condition not designed for the equipment under warranty.
  • It is further an express term of the warranty that InnoFES (Pty) Ltd shall not be liable for any damage or loss or any consequential damages suffered by the Customer should the unit be overloaded and the Customer expressly agree that the Customer, any agent, employee or operator of the Customer shall ensure that such overloading do no occur.
  • The warranty shall be considered null and void if the unit is relocated and certificate of compliance not issued for the new site by an electrician registered by the Electrical Contractor’s Board and approved by InnoFES (Pty) Ltd.
  • InnoFES (Pty) Ltd shall further not be liable under warranty for any vis major, impact, fire or other incidents caused by accidents or negligence by the Customer, its agent, employee or any other person.
  • This Warranty does not extend to InnoFES (Pty) Ltd equipment or parts purchased under special terms and conditions as qualified in InnoFES (Pty) Ltd purchase order, contracts or invoices.
  • Whilst operating the generator in the manual mode, never start or stop the diesel engine when the generator set is under load, set should only be started or stopped after the load is disconnected and the generator set is at the idle position.
  • If there has been low or high voltage, or over current.
  • If there has been an unbalanced load.
  • If the battery terminal has been disconnected whilst the generating set is in use.
  • If the battery terminal has been disconnected whilst the generating set is in use.
  • If the generator has not been warmed up adequately before taking load, or has not been adequately cooled before stopping.
  • The appropriate maintenance of InnoFES (Pty) Ltd consumables and accessories are not taken according to the requirements and / or any lack or inappropriate maintenance to or of the unit.
  • The amps on your DB Board need to balance within 15% of each other in order to protect your alternator and AVR (Voltage Regulator). Failure to do so will automatically void your warranty.
  1. Electrical equipment and components, 12 & 24 Volts and AVR’s are excluded from the Warranty.
  2. InnoFES cannot be held responsible for component failure caused by: Lightning, power spikes, overload, hot connection or misuse of parts.
  3. The Warranty does not apply in cases of damage due to normal wear and tear.
  4. The replacement of batteries is excluded from the Warranty.
  5. If at any stage the service schedule in clause 2 is not complied with the Warranty will be considered null and void on the complete unit.
  6. All Warranty claims must be brought to the attention, in writing of InnoFES (Pty) Ltd without delay.
  7. There are no other expressed warranties, implied warranties, including fitness for purpose and any or all implied warranties are excluded. No person is authorized to give any other warranties or to assume any other liabilities on InnoFES (Pty) Ltd behalf unless it is made in writing by a director of InnoFES (Pty) Ltd.
  8. It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that he has read and understood the terms of this Warranty.

 Transfer of Warranty

This warranty is non-transferable and applies strictly to the original purchaser.

 Unauthorized Repairs

Repairs and adjustments carried out by unauthorized parties and fitment of any parts including oil and fuel filters other than original manufacturers during the warranty period will invalidate this warranty.


Liability is limited to the acceptance by InnoFES (Pty) Ltd of the claim and reservation of the right to repair or replace the whole or part of the defective goods due to faulty material or workmanship. Liability for indirect or consequential loss or damage (including, but not limited to, any cost or expenditure for disassembly or removal of the goods from vehicle, vessel, plant or other installation where the goods are installed and cost of reinstallation) is expressly excluded.