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425kWe / 447kWm Perkins Gas Generators

425kWe / 447kWm Perkins Gas Generator

Developed from a proven engine range that offers superior performance and reliability, the 4008-30TRS is designed to meet the future demands of the power generation industry for clean, efficient gas fuelled engines.
The 4008-30TRS 8-cylinder spark ignition gas engine offers high performance, dependability and reliability while meeting the market’s increasingly stringent emission requirements.
The 4008-30TRS is a turbocharged, air to water charge cooled, 8 cylinder inline gas engine, designed for operation on a wide range of methane based gases. Its premium features and design provide economic and durable operation as well as exceptional mechanical efficiency and power to weight ratio, whilst offering improved emissions. The overall performance and reliability characteristics make this the prime choice for today’s power generation industry.