e400nb (3.5kW) Wind Turbine with brake

The Kestrel e400nb is fitted with a mechanical band brake that will stop the Kestrel safely in any wind condition. The brake is activated by a simple manual operation at the base of the tower.

Note: The same wind turbine is available in selected countries without the mechanical brake and is designated the e400n.

Technical Specifications:

Note: Performance may vary with

Battery Charging

Grid Tied

Site Conditions and Weather Pattern

Manufacturers Data

MCS/BWEA Reference


Maximum Power 3500W (Peak turbine) 2990W -
Rated Power @ 11m/s (24.6mph) 2500 (At battery) 2550W 2.5kW
Rated Annual Energy 4000 3922kWh 3930kWh
Rated sound Level 56dB(A) Lp,60m: 57dB(A) 55.6dB(A)
Cut-in Wind Speed <span">4m/s (9mph) 4m/s (9mph) 4m/s (9mph)
Generator Type Permanent-magnet Permanent-magnet Permanent-magnet
Overspeed Protection Pitch Control Pitch Control Pitch Control
Rotor Diameter 4m (13.1ft) 4m (13.1ft) 4m (13.1ft)
Number of blades 3 3 3
Blade Material Epoxy Resin Fibreglass Epoxy Resin Fibreglass Epoxy Resin Fibreglass
Tower Top Mass 250kg (551lb) 250kg (551lb) 250kg (551lb)
Tower Height 12-18m (39-59ft) 12-18m (39-59ft) 12-18m (39-59ft)
Tower Type Monopole Monopole Monopole
Output Voltage (Turbine) 48Vdc or 110Vdc * 250Vdc 250Vdc
Controller Type Midnite Solar Power One Aurora Power One Aurora
*Voltage limiter required for 110Vdc Classic 200 PVI-3.6-TL-OUTD-W PVI-3.6-OUTD-US-W
Output Voltage (System) 24/48/60Vdc 230Vac 50Hz 240V 60Hz