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Hatz 4H50TIC


Since beginning of 2014 a new engine family extends the Hatz product portfolio: The H-series. Starting with the 4H50TIC water-cooled 4-cylinder model, Hatz is relying on common-rail technology, turbocharger and external exhaust gas recirculation with the new generation. Hatz followed a groundbreaking downsizing approach, making the engine the most compact and lightweight in its class. The H series does not require a diesel particulate filter ( DPF) in order to fulfill the stringent emissions regulation Stage III B in the EU and EPA Tier 4 final in the US.

  • Power from 28.7 to 55 kW
  • max. torque 240 Nm
  • Bosch Common Rail-System OHW with 1800 bar
  • exhaust-gas turbocharger with intercooler
  • EU 97/68 Stufe 3B and EPA Tier IV final certified


  • watercooled 4-cylinder Diesel engine
  • Upright cylinders arranged in series
  • Crankcase made of gray cast iron
  • Cylinderhead with integrated exhaust manifold
  • direct injection with Bosch Common Rail-System
  • Pressurized lubrication witheasy-change filter
  • Valve timing via rocker arm, hydraulic push rods and camshaft in block
  • maintanance free 2-valve technology
  • integrated engine protection


  • einbau- und anwendungsfertig
  • usable in a broad variety of applications like mobile, stationary and work machinery
  • robust and durable design
  • easy to service with 500 hours standard intervall
  • low fuel consumption
  • lowest power to weight ratio in its class