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IS Multi LCX 1

Description Multi-purpose Lithium-Calcium grease with excellent water resistance Application • Civil engineering, for use under hard conditions (presence of dust, water and high temperatures) • Maritime field, for use in equipment that is subject to heavy loads and presence of water (e.g. hoisting equipment, winches, etc.) • Agriculture equipment, can be used as multipurpose grease • Transport sector, can be used as multipurpose grease Specifications • Q8 Multi LCX 1 classifications: DIN 51502 KP1K-20 ISO 6743 ISO-L-XBCDB1 Benefits • Long service life • Can be used for a wide temperature range (-20°C to +140°C) • Excellent extreme pressure properties especially for bearings operating under high load conditions • High dropping point (>180C) that allows use at high bearing temperatures • Very good adhesive properties on metal • High resistance against ageing. • Extremely good water resistance that allows use under bad weather conditions