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IS T 750 15W-40

Super High Performance Diesel Engine Lubricant designed for lubrication of low emission Euro IV & Euro V engines. Application
• In all high performance four stroke diesel engines operating on low sulphur diesel fuel (<0.05 % mass) and under severe heavy duty
conditions. Extended oil drain intervals as indicated by the OEM for high quality diesel engine oils can be applied.
• The diesel engines may be normally aspirated, turbocharged or supercharged, with or without intercooling and fitted in commercial
vehicles or off-highway equipment.
• Suitable for application in passenger cars with gasoline or diesel engines.Benefits
• Excellent protection against bore polishing and cam wear
• Offers prolonged oil drain intervals and reduces maintenance costs
• Protects engine against corrosive wear in off-the-road applications
• Provides quick lubrication after cold starting thus limiting engine wear
• Prevents engine fouling due to combustion soot
• Performance quality allows wide application from cars to trucks
• Universal engine oil suitable for passenger cars, trucks and off-road applications