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IS T 800 10W-30

Modern fuel saving, synthetic based high performance year round diesel engine oil for low emission Euro IV and Euro V engines.
Excellent cold flow properties for cold climates.
• In all high performance four stroke diesel engines in on- or off-road application, with or without turbocharging and intercooling,
operating under severe conditions and having extended oil drain intervals.
• Recommended for Tier 3 engine technology
• Also suitable for passenger car diesel engines.
• API CI-4
• ACEA E7-08
• MB 228.3
• MAN 3275
• Volvo VDS-2
• Renault VI RD-2/RLD
• Caterpillar ECF-1 & ECF-2
• Mack EO-M Plus
• Cummins 20071,-72,-76, -77,-78
• Prevents deposit formation in high temperature zones: keeps piston rings free
• Provides strong protection against bore polishing and against cam and cylinder wear
• Low pour point for optimized cold starting
• Low sulphated ash level keeps combustion chamber clean
• Provides quick lubrication after cold starting in all seasons
• Offers long oil drain intervals as defined by the OEMs
• Viscosity grade reduces engine fuel consumption
• Reduces maintenance cost
• Prohibits from corrosion, rust and foaming
• This high performance diesel engine oil should not be used in Detroit Diesel/GM Allison two stroke engines.
• Q8 T 200 is the recommended product for this application.