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Perkins 2506A-E15TAG2


The Perkins 2500 range of diesel engines provides you with output ratings of 455-624 kVA, catering for both your prime and standby power generation needs. The features and benefits of the 2000 Series ensure your generation needs are met. Flexible packaging of the 6 cylinder engines caters for the space you have available, and with mechanically operated unit fuel injectors, electronic control and carefully matched turbocharging, our 2500 range gives you performance and economy.



15.2 litre


450-624 kVA generator output


Designed for use in unregulated territories



Bore 137.0 mm
Stroke 171.0 mm
Displacement 15.2 litres
Aspiration Turbocharged and air-to-air charge cooled
Rotation (from flywheel end) Anti-clockwise
Number of cylinders 6 vertical inline
Cycle 4 stroke
Compression ratio 16:1
Combustion system Direct injection
Cooling system Liquid
Total coolant capacity 58.0 litres
Total lubricating capacity 62.0 litres

Engine Dimensions*

Length 2657.0 mm
Width 1120.0 mm
Height 1718.0 mm
Dry weight 1633.0 kg


* Final dimensions dependent on selected options

Emission Standards

Emissions This engine does not comply to Harmonised International Regulated Emissions Limits

Power Rating

Mechanical output 396-478 kWm
Electrical output 455-624 kVA (364-500 kWe)
Prime electrical power 455-569 kVA (364-455 kWe)
Standby electrical power 400-624 kVA (400-500kWe)
Rated speed 1500/1800 rpm