SSW7000 - InnoFES Energy - Generators Solar Power UPS Inverters Transformers Switch Gear Electronics


  • Meduim Voltage Soft Starter Solutions 
  • Power range 300 to 3500 kW
  • Voltage range:  3300V, 6600V
  • Versions: complete with panel 
  • 450% overload capacity for 30s (twice per hour)
  • Fiber optic interface
  • Built-in disconnect switch with MV fuses and vacuum contactors 
  • FTC - Flexible torque control based on technologies developed for the vector frequency inverters for torque control
  • Built-in input disconnect switch with Medium Voltage fuses and bypass vacuum contactors;
  • Independent and withdrawable thyristor power modules (one per motor phase)
  • Motor and soft-starter protections (current, voltage, temperatures)
  • Arc detection for the power section
  • Optic fiber insulation between the control and the power sections
  • Mechanical interlocking for the power sections
  • USB connection to PC
  • Internal temperature control and monitoring
  • Built-In temperature controller for motor thermal protection (Pt-100 - 8 channels)
  • Pump control system
  • Voltage and current ramp control
  • Current limitation
  • Torque control


  • CE Certified
  • UL Certified