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The DS 300 UPS Series 200KVA - 700KVA

The DS 300 UPS Series

The DS 300 Series are three phase in/three phase out, IGBT rectifier, Intelligent Power Module technology based, high input power factor,low THDI and DSP controlled.


  • Transformerless UPS topology
  • Low input current total harmonic distortion (THD)
  • High input power factor
  • High efficiency up to 94%
  • Cold start function
  • Static and maintenance by-pass switch
  • Output short circuit and overload protection
  • External REPO switch input
  • 192 events memory (192 events 4500 alarms)
  • Clock and calender (battery supported)
  • Automatic battery test, remaining battery time indicator
  • Temperature compansiated charge system
  • Regenerative backfeed function
  • 2 RS232 serial ports and 12 dry contact outputs
  • 3 DSP controlled modular structure
  • Optional SNMP and MODBUS adaptors
  • Optional Graphical and touch panel
  • 2 years warranty
  • 10 years spare parts support
  • Manufactured according to EC Directive; EN62040

The DS 300 of UPSs are tailored for the Corporate sector. Tescom UPS can cater for any Corporate UPS required environment.